The West Covina courthouse is located at 1427 West Covina Pkwy. West Covina, CA 91790. It is quite close to the 10 (Santa Monica) freeway.

Parking is free, but after you park you can expect to be in court all morning – unless you get a private DUI attorney. Some Pomona cases are now transferred to West Covina which causes longs lines – just getting through security can take 30 minutes.

The West Covina Courthouse has notoriously harsh Judges and Prosecutors. If you have been arrested for a DUI in West Covina you need to hire a qualified DUI attorney.

Given the proximity of the West Covina Courthouse to the police station next door, there is a good chance that your arresting officer will be present during your trial and ready to testify. This means getting your cased dismissed due to the arresting officer not showing up is unlikely. The court system in West Covina can be beaten, though – but it takes a combination of factors to prevail.

You have the option to defend yourself and not hire an attorney, or get a public defender if you are unemployed. If you choose to go to court without an attorney you may be offered a 3, 6 or 9 month DUI class, a $395 fine plus penalty assessments – (which totals out to about $1955), 3 years’ probation, the ignition interlock device, and possibly the HAM program (where you have to visit a Hospital and Morgue).

It is extremely unlikely that the court will look at any underlying circumstances – no matter how relevant to the case they are. The District Attorney will only be looking at what you blew on the breathalyzer or the results of the blood test. If you blew a .08 or over, then you’re guilty in the eyes of the West Covina Court. If you opted to take a blood test after you were arrested for drunk driving, then the fate of your DUI arrest lies in the test results, though the DUI Genius can challenge both blood and breath tests.

When you hire an experienced DUI attorney, everything changes. After 25 years of DUI cases, I may be able to get you a break. I have made it happen many times before. With over 25 years of success fighting DUI arrests all over Los Angeles County, I recommend that you take action immediately to reduce or dismiss the charges filed against you. When you get a DUI, it’s time to “lawyer up.”

For starters you should go to AA meetings. Mr. Devitt may be able to get you in other alcohol programs. This shows the Court that you are being proactive and you may receive reduced penalties for your efforts. Also, getting in a program may result in a plea bargain since the District Attorney will think that you have recognized that you have a problem and are taking action to deal with it. It is not an “admission” and cannot be used in court against you.

If you blew close to .08, then the case is fightable. If you are double the legal limit, (.16), you will have a hard time getting any sympathy from the District Attorneys’ office at the West Covina Courthouse.

Regardless of where you have to go to court, you need an attorney. If you blew over a .15 you are looking at enhanced penalties, but the “DUI Genius” may be able to negotiate them away and/or get the charges filed against you reduced – taking the stress of a DUI off your shoulders quickly and affordably.

Though your case may be at the West Covina Court today, if it goes to trial it could be transferred to any of the other courts that handle criminal cases in Los Angeles County. These include Compton, Downtown, Burbank or even LAX. Each of these courthouses has its own personality. For example, the Judges and Juries in Pomona are well known for being tough on crime. However, Long Beach and Compton courts may be more lenient. You certainly don’t want to go to trial at the Torrance courthouse, especially if you do not look like one of the locals!

Don’t wait to start fighting your Los Angeles DUI arrest.

If you do nothing for 10 days, you will lose you driver’s license.

We can delay for months or even stop the loss of your driver’s license if you retain us within that 10 day period.

My law firm has over 50 years of combined legal experience. We understand which Courthouses have stricter Judges and Prosecutors. We are even able to do some “Judge shopping” and attempt to get you into a court room where the Judge is fair and objective.

Call the “DUI Genius” now at (800) 794-2001 and let him evaluate the facts of your case. The call is FREE and so is the evaluation. Don’t lose your driver’s license and limit your life!

The attorney you hire will be the attorney in court for you, James Devitt.



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