The Metropolitan or “Metro” Courthouse is located at 1945 South Hill St. Los Angeles, CA 90007.

This is an old building and contains large courtrooms (especially Department 60) and several “amenities” for people who have a case or have been arrested. While you’re waiting for your Los Angeles DUI Attorney to fight for you, there is a snack bar and an information desk on the first floor of the building. Waiting in line for court or to pay your ticket can seem like forever, but the Metropolitan Courthouse is so big that 100’s of people get their cases heard every day- with varying results. (If you hire me you may likely never have to come to Court!)

Most cases in the Metro courthouse revolve around DUI or other driving offenses including, but not limited to, driving without a license.

More serious cases, like those involving drugs, theft, or criminal fraud are sent to the other downtown criminal courthouse located at 210 W. Temple St. This should not be confused with the Divorce and Civil court located at 111 N. Hill St. (We have attorneys that work those courthouses, too, if you have multiple legal problems).

When you arrive at the Metro Courthouse, you can either park underground below the courthouse, or you can park on or across the street from the courthouse. As one of Los Angeles’ best DUI attorneys, I want to protect our clients as much as I can – we advise clients to avoid parking on the street, if possible. If you park on the street near the Metropolitan Courthouse there is a chance that your car will be broken into.

The Judges and Commissioners in the Metro Courthouse are fair and objective. Considering the number of cases they handle every day, they will listen to you as much as they can. Most negotiations, however, are between the Los Angeles City Attorney and private defense counsel like us. If you want to go to trial, a 12 member jury will decide whether you are guilty or not guilty. These Judges do preside over most DUI cases in Los Angeles and even some arrests that occurred in the San Fernando Valley. This court hears mainly misdemeanor DUI cases.

Your DUI case will likely be assigned to Department 60. Commissioner Taylor has been the residing judicial officer here for many years. As a DUI Attorney in Los Angeles, I consider this my “home court” and sometimes I do get “home court advantage.” This Department may be where you can get your best deal, otherwise you will get sent upstairs to another department. Justice moves quickly at this courthouse and your drunken driving case usually will be resolved within 3 months’ time, sometimes at the first court appearance if you chose.

You can expect to find most Judges and Commissioners taking the bench at around 9:00 AM. If you show up too late, a bench warrant may be issued for your arrest. After you are arraigned (when you plead guilty, no contest, or not guilty), the Commissioner at the Los Angeles Metropolitan Courthouse may immediately set a trial date. Cases will not drag on forever.

If you want to reduce your punishment, you need to get a DUI attorney with experience at this courthouse immediately after you’re arrested for drunk driving in Los Angeles. Penalties here can be severe. Though you may not go to jail after your first DUI, you will certainly go to jail if you violate probation or get a second DUI. If you are convicted you can expect a stiff fine and to be on probation for 3 years.

Of course, the “DUI Genius” will try to get your DUI case dismissed entirely. When there is overwhelming evidence against you he will aim to get your DUI reduced to another offense, like speeding or “dry reckless” – resulting in less probation, no classes, no interlock ignition device (where you have to blow into a device in order to start your car), smaller fine and less insurance problems.)

If you were caught “red handed” for another offense, like driving without a license, then Jay will try to get that charge dropped by helping you get your license prior to court.

Mr. Devitt has been helping clients at this courthouse for 26 years. Our firm has been extremely successful at this location due, in part, to the relationships Attorney Devitt has established and maintained with many of the Judges, Commissioners, City Attorneys, Prosecutors, clerks and other court personnel. These relationships can greatly influence your drunk driving arrest in Los Angeles – especially since your case may be resolved by a “plea bargain”.

Plea bargains are a deal worked out between the Defense Attorney and the Prosecutor. At the Metro Courthouse, the Prosecutor is usually the City Attorney. When you have worked with the same prosecutors for 26 years, like Mr. Devitt has, you gain a distinct advantage. Since your DUI Attorney is familiar with everybody from the clerks to the Judges things can go pretty smoothly. When things cannot be worked out with the Deputy City Attorney that is assigned to the courtroom, it’s possible for the DUI Genius to make an appointment to see the supervising prosecutor at the courthouse. If need be, we can always go to trial and try to convince a jury you were not impaired when you were driving or that the police made errors so that the tests were faulty. In this regard we use the best experts to testify on your behalf, like forensic toxologists that used to work for the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department.

Our goal will be to get your case dismissed so you can keep your driver’s license, not have a conviction on your record, and not be on probation for 3 years. We have succeeded in getting many cases dismissed entirely or reduced from a DUI to reckless driving (VC 23103) or exhibition of speed (VC 23109).

DUI’s with accident/injury are usually charged as a felony and the District Attorney will more than likely want to punish you by sending you to jail. In California, 2nd time DUIs have to serve at least 96 hours in jail (two weekends) if convicted. Some Judges will want 45-90 days and even more time in jail if you are on probation for another DUI.

Do not hesitate. By taking a proactive approach to your DUI arrest in Lost Angeles, we may be able to get your DUI case dismissed. You need an experienced lawyer.

Call Jay Devitt, the “DUI Genius” now at 1-(800)-794-2001 and he will honestly tell you how your case looks



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